Exploring runtime styling with the Native Window Explorer in Adobe AIR

In this Adobe AIR tutorial you will use runtime styling to create a dynamic native window in AIR. We will show you how to load and unload styles, performance concerns and best practice while also showing you the value of knowing your environment.

Creating an AIR RSS Reader Application from Scratch with Flex and PureMVC

Adobe AIR counts already with over 100 million deployments which represents the importance of this development tool nowadays. Nevertheless still some to get introduced to it and start creating their own applications. In this tutorial you will learn how to create an AIR application a bit different on what we have shown before. I mean, we will be showing how to create a RSS Reader with AIR and PureMVC.

Saving User Generated Imagery from an AIR Application Using the JPG and PNG Encoder Classes and Flash CS4

While anyone with an intimate knowledge of encoding bits of information can write their own JPG or PNG encoder, isn’t it great to know that Adobe already provides classes to take care of it?

Creating a AIR Web Service Package with Flash and Actionscript 3.0 – Base Service Class And Simple Twitter API

In this series of tutorials, you will learn the basics of architecting a simple but powerful Web Services Package. We’ll start off by creating a class which will be the base of all our services and then continue to create a very simple Twitter API.

How to build a contact manager in AIR using XML – Part 2

In this second, and final, part we’ll be learning how to save and edit the file and how to setup the bindings between the xml and our component.

Creating A Downloader For YouTube with Flex/Air

YouTube’s mixed easy movie access with community uploads to create a startling new service. The online problem is that you can only access YouTube when you are online. How can you access those movies when you are offline? Let’s solve that problem by building a downloader with Flex and AIR.
In this article we will build a cross platform application that searches for YouTube videos and then provides a mechanism to download those videos and view them locally. You will be able to take your favorite YouTube videos with you wherever you go.

How to build a contact manager in AIR using XML

This will be the first part of our first tutorial: How to build a contact manager in AIR using XML. For the first part of this tutorial we’ll be reading, parsing and searching an XML into an AIR application and going through the whole getting it to compile and exporting a release version.

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