Even Snakes Love a Ferrari

Even Snakes Love a Ferrari

This is not Tech related, but it is 100% real, no Photoshop and not staged. The pictures were taken by my brother at my parents house in Australia…

The snake came into the half empty garage, as most of the family was out and posed for the camera on his way to find a spot to rest.

Check it out…

Snake in Ferrari

Spotting the Ferrari 430 Spider tucked away and looking comfortable, already hibernating under its covers, the snake veered sharp left to go join the resting beast…

Snake in Ferrari

Not wanting a snake hiding under the covers of one of your cars (what sane person does), my brother rushed to try and chase it out, in the process hurrying the snake up under the covers, but not under the car, not between the car and the covers….

BUT…. into the engine!

Snake in Ferrari

Proving that even snakes love Ferrari’s! If you like this, please share this post:


A short while later my brother returned to see if the snake was still posing in the engine, but instead he was now totally comfortable and having a sleep, we were fully expecting to see his family join him in there, but uneventfully… later in the day, he left his resting place and headed for the bushes.

Snake in Ferrari

Pictures and thanks to my brother, who has an article writing company where they provide fast turnaround times on articles and spins. If you are looking for content, please consider Green Light Articles


Once again, thank you for checking out these 100% real photos!

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32 Responses to “Even Snakes Love a Ferrari”

  1. Imagine how hot that engine would get… I wonder if driving the car would have caused ‘fried snake’, good thing it was spotted going in there!

  2. Imagine how hot that engine would get… I wonder if driving the car would have caused ‘fried snake’, good thing it was spotted going in there!

  3. Carltonsent says:

    What kind of snake is that?

  4. Garry says:

    I was visiting my brother in law in the hills outside Brisbane. They had a snake just like that, about the same size crawling around their second story bedroom window. I asked it it was poisonous, they said “no” . . . so i jumped out on the roof and caught it. We put it in an “eski” (cooler) for the night and took it further out to release it the next day.

    • Hey Garry,

      Yeah its a carpet snake, biggish teeth and can bite, but no venom that can hurt us, it does hurt though, haha… Yeah this one climbed up a tree after a nap

  5. john says:

    You guys need to come to Texas. That’s a baby!

  6. Mandy McEwen says:

    Yikes! That is scary!!

  7. Matthias B. Klein says:

    @ least I felt the need to twitter it B)

  8. Was the engine still warm? I imagine it would be attracted to the heat?

  9. nikki says:

    Even the snakes started to love ferrari :) !

  10. Liz English says:

    omg i can’t believe this is a real snake..thanks so much for the lovely pictures they were sent to my inbox. thanks for the backlinks..

  11. Aranetworkers says:

    wooaaawoooaaa I would run faster then the car i hate snakes but that sure is interesting where she end up…..great pictures

  12. thanks for the cute article. its funny to know that even snakes love Ferrari, well who doesn’t. :)

  13. Frank Bauer says:

    How did your brother get it out of the car? Just waited for it to move?

    I remember 17 years ago in northern Virginia I came across a similar size, black snake… laying on the walk way in front of the house of my military superior. It looked so shiny, I thought it was one of those fake toy rubber snakes… so I kicked it.

    It slithered of quiet fast, not happy being kicked.

    The though going through my head then was “Sh*t, my camera is inside the house! I need to stop it getting away so I can take a picture!”… so I grabbed it by the tail and tried to pull it back!

    But it slipped out o my hand and by the time I got the camera I couldn’t find it anymore. 😛

    • LOL – Crazy German! This one was 4 meters, I got corrected…. Yeah, just waited for it to leave, couldn’t get up under into the engine. It only stayed less than a day…

      You luck y the one you played around with was not more aggressive and didn’t attack, haha…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would absolutely shit myself if that came into my garage

  15. Angela says:

    Wow – even a snake has a better ride than me – how unfair.

  16. D. Matranga says:

    So you’re telling me your dad has a Ferrari? No wonder you can afford to have a bullshit job writing online articles!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Poor thing was just cold

  18. Guest786 says:

    Just like everything on Earth, this snake was showing her passion for the prancing horse!

  19. Theo_w_roos says:

    Snakes in a Ferrari!

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