Google Chrome OS – What Is It?

Google has already released plenty of information on their upcoming Chrome-based operating system but none of it actually explains definite features and functions. Nor has there been any talk as to what it will look like – openly.

On the programming side, it looks as though the Google OS will use Linux-based programming methods, more specifically (as Google devs quote) “Google Chrome will be running within a new window system on top of a Linux kernel.”

Google OS

This will undoubtedly allow the community full customization and control over the form and function when pertaining to the OS. As most Linux users already know, Linux remains a highly customizable and highly open-source platform. It looks as though the Google Chromium OS will follow suit.

Google OS BetaOne can only guess at how the true form will appear, most likely it will resemble the Google Chrome browser. But if Hexxeh’s Chromium OS builds are a good example, the Chrome OS will look slick! Hexxeh is a young developer who tweaked the Google OS source code and generated an early version of the operating system based on his own preferences. Users can install the Google Chrome OS using the edited source code distributed on Hexxeh’s official site; the latest build has been called Flow by Hexxeh.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the upcoming Google Chrome OS, here’s a quick debriefing. Google has identified that users spend most of their time on a computer in a browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). They believe that most of the excess programs and applications are used, much less often – enough so, that they don’t need to exist in an OS. They also believe that most average operating systems take an extended period of time to boot initially (no detesting that fact).

Google Chrome LogoOver time operating systems deteriorate in performance as more and more software is installed. Armed with all these aforementioned observations, Google has decided it would be beneficial to create an operating system that acts just as an internet browser. What that means is that every action performed on their upcoming OS will do so via the internet. The Google OS is titled the Chromium OS because it will obviously borrow from the design and function of Google’s Chrome internet browser.

In a quick introductory video the Google development team also revealed that most files including music, text, video and such will be stored server side. Meaning computers utilizing the Google OS will no longer need extending storage support. Hard drives will likely become a feature of the past for Google OS users as music, photos videos and content is stored via internet accessible servers. Is this necessarily the best idea to be drawn up- no, I would think not considering all the safety problems that could potentially arise, however the idea is certainly not to be taken lightly.

A speedy and reliable OS is certainly something that would remain on everyone’s radar. It would definitely function well for netbooks and portable devices which do suffer from performance loss due to traditional OS requirements.

There has been no word of Google distributing Hexxeh’s open source builds, and it’s very likely they won’t. So it is still unknown just how and what Google’s exclusively developed OS will resemble. We can see evidence on it’s appearance and form by looking at the Google Chrome OS images displayed here, but they simply act as a preview seeing as they are not evidence of the official OS build.

Flow Screen by HexxehA large selection of brand names have signed on to partner up with Google- and already plan to try out their new OS on future devices. With the end of the year closing in and the holiday season opening up, it is likely that a few Google OS powered devices will hit the market.

Stay tuned for further information and affected devices as the Holiday season nears. Something will likely turn up soon!

We have created a forum thread on the new Google Chromium OS! Please register and come join the discussion. Let us know how you feel about the latest operating system. Are you excited about the speedy boot times? Does the internet browser only interface seem intuitive? Have you perhaps tried an OS build, what were your thoughts and personal reflections? Please visit the forum discussion in this thread!

UPDATERead this post to learn how to install and run Google Chrome OS on your machine!

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11 Responses to “Google Chrome OS – What Is It?”

  1. LSaridina says:

    Can’t wait for their release of chrome OS. I wonder if I can dual boot it with my existing Windows. That would be fun!

  2. KuhnKat says:

    So Google decided to trade off the negatives of locally installed apps for the worse negatives of applications available over the internet. Now that is really a stretch!!

    For many people who are not particularly computer literate that is probably a good thing. What about the rest of us??

    The users of Google Chrome could just as easily use IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera… on their windows, Mac, Unix,Linux… box to access cloud and other applications if they do not want to learn how to deal with locally installed applications.

    Yeah, I am a Google denier!!

  3. Briley says:

    Colin unfortunately that will most likely not be the case, unless Google OS becomes universally used. I’m sure there will still be times when you’ll need to transfer data via USB dongles and thumb-drives.
    Besides, personally I feel theres always content you wouldn’t want hosted on internet servers- especially if it’s important that it remains exclusive to you.

  4. Google Chrome OS is the best

  5. BillyBob says:

    IMO, this is a good thing, and also a bad thing. I do not believe we should completely leave behind all hardware based applications. Some heavy apps such as games slow down if you run them in a browser. You would also be unable to download any applications unless they were developed by Google. That would be a total pain.

    i do like working in the cloud, but how much are they going to charge for storage in the cloud? That even more, scares me.

  6. anonymous says:

    That link to download Chome OS is a third party distribution that hasn’t been updated in over a year.

  7. anonymous says:

    Please provide this link instead in order to direct users to the latest build of the OS;

  8. Saty says:

    I’m trying to understand how dumb a computer will become without a internet connection if running on Google OS in it’s current form. There will always be application which needs heavy data transfer between the proccessing unit and storage media.

    Google OS can hardly be a competior to the other OS. Hope they will soon relaize people aren’t good with computers may not take advantage of the benifits offered by cloud computing or cloud OS has to offer.

    Imagine when you turn on your computer and can’t access ur files becuse ur internet connection is acting funny.

  9. Brianvi says:

    how 2gat it free

  10. Shreyansh Shukla says:


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