Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming to Verizon Tomorrow (Nov 29th)

With news of the Samsung Galaxy Note II hitting Verizon stores tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to go over this fabulous device one more time. For those of you who don’t regularly follow the tech scene, …

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Unveiled: Features And Specifications

Samsung has just unveiled the successor of the popular smartphone-tablet Galaxy Note. Samsung today announced the launch of Galaxy Note 2 at one of Europe's biggest electronics show in Berlin as the South Korean giant is now focused more on innovation after losing a U.S. patent battle with Apple.

The Best Smartphones of 2012

Lots of excellent smartphones have been released this year, so many, that it can be difficult to keep track of the best of the best. Choosing a particular device for yourself at upgrade time, can be especially daunting because there …

Samsung Galaxy S III – First Impressions

When Samsung came out with the Galaxy S2, it was the best Android smartphone out there, offering some remarkable features, and was worth the buy. Within 55 days of its release, Samsung achieved a milestone and managed to receive over 3 million (units) pre-orders for …

AT&T Rolls Out The Quaint, And Budget-Friendly, Samsung Focus 2

AT&T seems to be on the ball lately, mainly due to it’s recent announcement that a new Droid Incredible device will soon hit the market, and yet another new announcement this morning about a budget-friendly, LTE capable, Samsung Focus 2 …

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 4S – Faceoff

The Galaxy S3 is big, it's bold, and it could be the year’s best-selling smartphone. However, one of Samsung Galaxy’s biggest rival is the Apple iPhone 4S, which has sold over 35 million units worldwide in the first quarter of 2012. It’s war of the titan again – Samsung vs. Apple, but the big question is which of the two devices are better in terms of performance, features, and user-interface? To find an answer to this, we decided to set the Galaxy S3 up against the Apple iPhone 4S, exploring the differences.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched With Eye-tracking And Wireless Charging

With all the rumors and speculation around the Web for months together, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is finally here! Yes, the much anticipated, and the successor the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung today unveiled the latest flagship smartphone, the all new Samsung Galaxy S3 with some great new features at a very-Apple-styled launch party in London.

Exploring The Samsung Galaxy Series

The Samsung Galaxy mobile devices collectively form one of the most successful product lines in the Android device market. That’s why it’s tremendous news that the upcoming Samsung event on May 3 is all Galaxy, or at least it will …

Mobile World Congress 2012 – Day 2

Day Two of the Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC 2012) was more than what was expected, with the announcement of new tablets and smartphones. More than 60,000 participants who came to experience the once-a-year event, found the opportunity to engage and connect with smartphones and tablet freaks.

Mobile World Congress 2012 – Day 1

The GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC 2012) held in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the biggest technology trade shows, basically focused on showcasing new mobile phones (smartphones) powered with some of the latest technologies. The event began on 27 February, and Day One of MWC 2012 didn't seem disappointing at all!

Galaxy Nexus Review: Features, Specifications…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review Google and Samsung have come together to create one of the most exciting Android devices of the year: the Galaxy Nexus, which is the third generation successor to Google’s Nexus One and Nexus S. The smartphone …

Samsung Galaxy S3 Features, Specifications And Release Date

After having this huge success, it is rumored that Samsung has been busy working on the next version of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3. It is expected that the device will feature a Samsung Exynos 4212 processor clocked at 1.8GHz and an ARM Cortex A9 chip, which will offer a 25% performance boost and a 30% reduction in power consumption.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Features, Specs and Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy S did have some features whose functionalities were poor, and of course the phone had the lag issue. However, when Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S 2 at MWC this year, expectations from its fans grew higher …

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